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Assistant Instructor Logan Alex

The Open Space Martial Arts (TOS) School Rules

I. Deportment and Tradition:

General Deportment and rules: All members, family members, and visitors shall conduct themselves appropriately while on school property or while representing the school in any manner. Appropriate respect is expected and shall be displayed towards students and instructors. Inappropriate, abusive, or disrespectful behavior will not be tolerated. No member shall utilize abusive language or display behavior with the intention of causing discomfort, harm, mental, or physical distress. No member shall deliberately engage in any activity that could bring disrepute to the school. Any intentional breach of conduct may result in rank demotion or removal from school membership.

I. (a) – Health and Safety:

  1. No member who is sick, who has a sick family member, has been exposed to any communicable disease, or has a family member at home quarantining should participate in classes. Please be considerate of your fellow class members and stay home if you or a family member is ill. Students may request to participate in class virtually, over a Zoom teleconference. 

  2. Members who have a specific illness or injury which may impact their training (but does not impact others) should contact their instructor to request modified instruction.

  3. Students that are absent from classes due to any significant injury/illness will be required to provide the school with a note from a physician allowing the to return to class. The note needs to include permission for a full return and/ or any restrictions.

I. (b) – Visitor Specific Information:

Visitors and Family members watching classes at The Open Space Martial Arts shall be respectful of classes that are going on and should avoid creating unnecessary noise.

  1. For liability reasons, no one that does not have a waiver on file shall be allowed on the workout floors without senior staff permission.

  2. No non-participating member, family member, or visitor may ever enter the workout floor while a class is in progress without the class instructor’s permission.

  3. Parents (or designated responsible adults) should be present at least 5 minutes prior to the end of a scheduled class to pick up minor students.

  4. Please keep noise distraction to a minimum during classes. (i.e. talking, cellphones, games)

  5. Please limit the number of family members present to one person per student. This will help ensure there is adequate space in the visitor area for individuals who wish to watch.


I. (c) – Martial Arts Floor Decorum:

Martial Arts Students entering or leaving the floor shall honor the Tenets at all times, observe the Student Oath, and follow appropriate class etiquette:

  1. Uniforms shall be clean and pressed for class.

  2. Students’ belts shall be tied correctly.

  3. Students shall bow on and off the floor.

  4. Students shall show appropriate respect to seniors and instructors by bowing and turning away where appropriate.

  5. Students shall remain attentive during class and avoid disruptive behavior.

  6. Students shall wait to be recognized before speaking during a class.

  7. Students are responsible for learning appropriate theories, histories, and customs.

  8. Students shall follow the instructions of instructors and seniors as it relates to participation in a class or training event.


I. (d) – Uniforms, Gym Apparel, Safety Protocols, and Safety Equipment:

Martial Arts Uniforms: All uniforms worn at The Open Space Martial Arts must meet minimum criteria for the art being taught. Uniforms should be clean and have all required patches affixed. Embroidery must be pre-approved by the senior staff. No member shall wear jewelry while on the floor and in uniform.

Gym Apparel: Gym apparel shall be appropriate for viewing by all ages and meet the necessary criteria for the class being taught. Members should not wear apparel that promotes other fitness businesses.

I. (e) – Floor Safety Protocols:

  1. Appropriate safety equipment and uniforms shall always be worn during class or at school sponsored events.

  2. No student shall knowingly allow harm to come to another member in class when it is in their power to prevent it.

  3. Safety is everyone’s responsibility. Students should report unsafe facility conditions or unsafe behaviors to instructors immediately.

  4. Be aware of your surroundings and your positional relationship to other students while training.

  5. Students should not engage in any contact or acrobatic training unless under the direct supervision of an instructor.

I. (f) – Safety equipment:

All safety (sparring or otherwise) should be inspected by the staff prior to use. Damaged sparring equipment should be removed from service once any tear becomes noticeable to avoid injury to other members. All members are required to utilize foam dipped sparring gear, mouth pieces, and groin cups (for those with external genitalia) when sparring. No member shall bring a live or sharpened weapon into the school without senior staff approval.

I. (g) – Classes, Open Gym, Non-Sanctioned Training, and Private Instruction:

Members may not attend any class for which they are not scheduled. All members shall listen to the directions of the staff while in class. Violations or refusal to listen to the staff during a class creates unnecessary risk and can result in disciplinary action including rank demotion or removal from the school. No student or instructor not enrolled in a specific class may be on the floor without the specific permission of the staff member teaching the active class.

Open Gym is a scheduled unsupervised opportunity to utilize The Open Space Martial Arts facilities to practice martial arts at the member’s own risk. Open gym is held only at times scheduled or allowed by the school. The absence of an active class on a floor does not constitute open gym time. No member shall engage in horseplay or unsafe activity during this time. An authorized adult holding the rank of 1st degree black belt or above must monitor any light contact sparring activity conducted during open gym. Unsafe and unsanctioned practice is prohibited. All appropriate equipment must be worn while engaged in light contact sparring. Continuous and heavy contact sparring is prohibited. No tumbling in open gym except under the instructor of a qualified instructor. No children under the age of 13 may be left at open gym without a parent or designated adult supervision.

Any training done off site, unless specifically approved of by the owners, is not considered sanctioned training and The Open Space Martial Arts assumes no responsibility for the classes or training. No Open Space Martial Arts Instructor, assistant, or student shall engage in any off book training and represent the activity as being sanctioned by The Open Space Martial Arts. No member should enter into a training contract with an Open Space Martial Arts Instructor outside of normal channels or risk entering into an unsanctioned or protected contract without careful consideration. All private instruction sanctioned by The Open Space Martial Arts is booked through the main school and an official receipt is offered by the company for said training. The Open Space Martial Arts will not accept any responsibility for any unsanctioned activities and strongly discourages it for safety and liability reasons.


I. (h) - Photography
No student wearing a red dojang patch or red-printed Open Space t-shirt may be photographed/recorded for any reason. Should anyone take any photos in which such students appear, those photographs/recordings may not be used for any purpose and must be deleted/erased/thrown away immediately.



II. Definitions:

II. (a) – Member:
A member is any person currently registered as a martial arts or fitness student at The Open Space Martial Arts.

  • (N) Days Per Week Membership refers to any martial arts student who is on an (N) day per week plan that allows them access to (N) core specific classes within their art. (Where (N) is the number of classes contracted.)

  • Special Classes Membership refers to any martial arts student who is signed up for a one-day per week special class not in the core curriculum of their art.

II. (b) – Student Instructor:

A student instructor is an advanced rank (martial arts) gup student who is going through instructional training with the goal of achieving their black belt. Student instructors are expected to mentor less advanced members during classes while focusing on individual technique development.

II. (c) -Assistant Instructors:

An assistant instructor is a low ranking black belt who is going through training to become an instructor. Assistant instructors are scheduled to participate in classes one time per week to develop instructional skills. This is part of the educational requirements of 1st and 2nd degree black belts. There is no charge to the student for the opportunity to hone their teaching skills at the direction of a certified instructor. Upon completion of this ‘internship’ successful applicants can achieve instructor status.

II. (d) – Instructor:

A certified martial arts instructor is an individual that holds the rank of 2nd Degree Black Belt or above who has completed the requisite training to regularly teach martial arts. He or she must hold a USKF Instructor License or approved equivalent. A certified instructor who is not employed by the school is considered a student. They are individuals who continue to take teaching classes to maintain perishable skills and teaching credentials, rather than as a vocation or avocation. A certified instructor employed by the school is considered staff. Paid instructors are hired or contracted by The Open Space Martial Arts and are assigned or has asked to work a schedule teaching a skill beneficial to the operation of the school. Hourly employees are directly supervised by the senior staff and contracted instructors are required to follow the terms of their contract, but have no direct senior staff supervision.

A certified fitness instructor holds credentials from a nationally recognized organization such as NASM or ISSA.

Instructors who are employed by or contracted through The Open Space Martial Arts are responsible for the safe instruction of the students in their charge.

All black belts and instructors shall maintain CPR and First Aid certifications from a recognized organization as prerequisite of rank, and shall attend annual training on the National Safe Sports Act.

II. (e) – Staff:

A person employed or contracted by The Open Space Martial Arts.

II. (f) – Senior Staff:

A person employed by The Open Space Martial Arts empowered to make supervisory or management decisions for the school.

II. (g) – Volunteer:

Any person who volunteers their times and talents for the betterment of the school or students without compensation. Volunteers are NOT employees of The Open Space Martial Arts, are not supervised by the school, and function completely externally from the business. This may take the form of special event planning (parties, picnics, etc.) or any other activity for which the volunteer is passionate. We do ask that volunteers make the senior staff aware of any planned activities that require school participation.

II. (h) – Visitor:

Any person who visits The Open Space Martial Arts, regardless of affiliation or relationship to a member.

II. (i) – Salutations and Honorifics:

  1. Mr., Mrs., Ms, or Mx, shall be used when addressing any black belt from 1st to 4th Degree.  Alternatively, the honorifics of Sabum may be used for 2nd and 3rd Degree black belts. 4th Degree Black Belts may be refereed to as Sabumnim.

  2. The honorific of Master shall be reserved for individuals with the rank of 5th and 6th Dan.

  3. Senior Master shall be reserved for and used to address those holding the rank of 7th Degree Black Belt.

  4. Grandmaster is reserved for and shall be used when addressing 8th and 9th Degree Black Belts.

  5. Senior Grandmaster is reserved for and shall be used when addressing 9th Degree black Belts with more than 10 years in grade.



III. Weather Closing Policy

(We generally follow the same weather closing schedule as Plain Local Schools)

Inclement Weather – The Open Space Martial Arts generally follows North Canton Public Schools for inclement weather closings during the school year and the recommendations of the National Weather Service during the remainder of the year. On occasion, The Open Space Martial Arts may elect to close at times outside of the guidelines listed above. Whenever The Open Space Martial Arts closes due to weather we will post the closing on social media, and send out client email blasts. While we can not guarantee that every member will be notified, we will make a sincere effort to make the information readily available. Members should always use their best judgement when deciding if the weather is too severe for them to attend classes, even if the school is open. The Open Space Martial Arts does NOT offer make up classes for weather related closings. Members who are on a restricted day plan during a closed class may request a temporary class attendance modification date that may be approved based on availability.

IV. General and Unforeseen Closing Policy

The Open Space Martial Arts makes every effort to maintain regularly scheduled classes throughout the year. Part of this schedule includes closed dates and class cancellations. Every effort is made to alert our members to changes in our schedule. Most major foreseen closings will be announced in class, posted on social media, and sent to our membership via email. Seen below are types of closings which may affect our schedule.

IV. (a) – Business Necessity Closings –

We close at various times throughout the year to accommodate business requirements such as; special events, tournaments, planned/unplanned repairs, seminars, and continuing education classes. These closings are rare and significant notice is given (where possible) for each date planned closing date. When appropriate, make up dates will be scheduled for classes impacted by these closings.

IV. (b) – Holiday Closings and Break Closings –

The Open Space Martial Arts closes on major holidays and for scheduled breaks each year. No make up classes are scheduled for these breaks. These holidays/breaks may include, but are not limited to:

  • New Years Break (December 31 & January 1)

  • Memorial Day (last Monday of Each May)

  • SPRING BREAK (one week TBA each year)

  • 4th of July (3rd, 4th and 5th of July)

  • Labor Day (first Monday of September)

  • FALL BREAK (one week TBA each year)

  • Halloween (October 31)

  • Thanksgiving Break (This holiday break will run through the fourth Wednesday through the fourth Saturday of November each year)

  • Winter Break (December 23, 24, 25, 26)


IV. (c) – Staff Respite –

As with every business, The Open Space Martial Arts has to be cognizant of the personal needs of its staff, and the need for personal time off for vacations, health, and personal enrichment. While we make every effort to cover for these absences, we occasionally have to cancel classes or close the school due to these foreseen and unforeseen circumstances. These are in addition to the scheduled breaks above in IV.(a) and (b). These Staff Respite breaks will be kept to a minimum and reasonable accommodation may be made to reschedule or permit make-up classes, however no refunds will be given should rescheduling or make-up classes be rejected by the student.


V. Student Vacations, Absences, Student Requested Schedule Change Policy

Given the number of members, it is impossible for the school to schedule make up classes for student absences due to vacations or illnesses. On rare occasions, we are able to allow students to switch attendance days on a specific week provided there is space available in the class they wish to attend. This requires significant work on the part of the staff within the scheduling system and is not always possible due to space or time constrictions. Requests for modifications should be made in writing and provided to the staff as early as possible. Permanent schedule changes require a 30 Day Written Notice sent to .



VI. Payment Policy

Dues shall be paid in full no later than the first week of the month, or have a payment plan arranged with Senior Staff.


Prepayment is offered as an option. There are absolutely no refunds issued for individuals who choose to use this option as their payment method.

There is a $15.00/wk Late Fee after the second week of the month. 

Non-Sufficient Fund (NSF) Fees are $15.00 per attempted process.

VII. Financial Dispute Policy

On rare occasions individuals have deliberately attempted to circumvent contracts or the established policies which they agreed to when purchasing a product or service. This places a financial burden on the processor and the school to defend and/or collect monies owed through mediation and/or litigation. This can be an expensive process and it is the policy of the the company to seek legal action against any individual who knowingly and deliberately has caused financial harm by violating the terms of their agreements. Individuals found to be acting in bad faith shall, also, be reported to credit bureaus.

VIII. Store Purchase and Return Policy

We require that all items be paid for prior to pick-up for in-stock items AND all special order items must be paid for at the time of ordering. We can not accept returns on any wearable product once it leaves the facility. Please note, all items purchased must be picked up within six months of the order date or they will be considered abandoned property and placed in inventory.

IX. Weapons/Pet Policy

For the health and safety of our members:


Weapons (except those traditional weapons specifically utilized in training) are prohibited on the premises. This includes firearms, whether carried concealed or openly. EXCEPTION: On-Duty Law Enforcement Officers.


Pets are prohibited within the facility. EXCEPTION: Service Animals providing necessary physical assistance for the handler as defined by the Americans with Disabilities Act. (ADA)

X. Anti-Discrimination/Harassment Policy

The Open Space Martial Arts does not tolerate discrimination based on protected characteristics.  This includes unlawful harassment and retaliation.  Protected characteristics include age, race, sex, gender identity, color, religion, national origin, sexual orientation, citizenship status, disability, or covered veteran status.


If any student, employee, or visiting family member does not want to be called Ma’am, Sir, he, she, they must notify staff and/or students of the specific title, name, or pronoun to call them [Gender Neutral Term or Other Preferred Term]. Everyone shall make their best, good faith, effort to use only a person's preferred name, titles, and pronouns.

X. (b) – PRIVACY

Every employee and member of The Open Space Martial Arts is entitled to privacy, including their sexual identity.  No manager or employee may discuss another employee’s or student’s identity/orientation or family dynamics without specific permission of that individual or family. Failure to adhere to these rules will result in discipline up to and including removal from the school.

It is unlawful and violates company policy to discriminate in any way against an employee because of the employee’s actual or perceived gender identity.  Additionally, it is also unlawful and contrary to this policy to retaliate against any person objecting to, or supporting enforcement of legal protections against, gender identity discrimination in employment.

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