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Private Lesson FAQs:

Who is this for? Anyone who wants to take their learning to the next level! We'll schedule classes around your busy life, making this option perfect for folks on the go! Since training is 100% at your pace, tailored to your specific learning style, and working toward your stated goals, you can expect the fastest results possible! 

Is it expensive? You get what you pay for, in life and in private lessons. But martial arts training helps you live your best life, in terms of fitness, mental health, and in terms of outright safety, and you are worth more than the "economy" model! No, private lessons are not cheap. The question to ask yourself is... what would it cost NOT to have the confidence, safety, and peace of mind that these classes can give you?

How do I sign up? Understandably, we can only take a fixed number of private students at any given time. Fill out the application form on this page to schedule a call or e-mail, and we'll discuss your goals, scheduling, and investment.

"I am very grateful for these private lessons. They help (my son) a lot with paying attention! I can’t say it enough. You’re a breath of fresh air. Thank you SO much!"
-Jeanna E.

  Private Lessons  

So you can't make it to regular class, or you don't want company. Here's an option for you!

100% custom-tailored classes to help you reach your personal goals, whatever they may be!

This completely-individual training builds skills and confidence fast! Whether you want to learn TaeKwon-Do, T'ai Chi, Self-Defense, or traditional Asian weapons, we can make it happen!

Want in? Send a message to schedule your lesson!

Thanks for reaching out!

"Great experience! We will be returning in the future!"
-Lindsay R.

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