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The CONFIDENCE to handle whatever life sends your way!

Everyone knows that saying "It'll never happen to me!" is stupid. It's relying on luck.

Will you go your entire life never needing to defend yourself from another person? Probably... But how much peace of mind would you get from knowing that... if the dice roll the wrong way... you can handle it?

Our dedicated self-defense classes give you that peace of mind!

Rather than relying on luck, we give you reality-based solutions to intelligently stay safe in the modern world! From staying safe in the first place, spotting and defusing possible violent scenarios before they happen, and getting out of violent situations as quickly and efficiently as possible, we give people just like you the tools to feel safe, confident, and empowered!

Class Times:

Fridays, 5:00-6:00pm, ages 13+

Classes held at:

1312 S. Main St.
N. Canton, OH 44720

What will I learn?

- Confidence, presence, and awareness.

- How to spot and avoid dangerous places and people.

- Attacker psychology.

- What the Victim Mindset is and how to defeat it.

- Seeing pre-assault indicators.

- De-escalation and deflection techniques.

- Managing the "fight or flight" response.
- Why CALLING it "the fight or flight response" is incomplete!

- Dealing with weapons.

- Dealing with multiple attackers.

- INTELLIGENT self-defense for REALITY-BASED scenarios!

What WON'T I learn?

- NO gimmicky techniques.

- NO information on fancy pajamas or belts.

- NO patterns/katas.

- NO sport fighting.

- NO outdated or unrealistic training.


If you want REAL solutions to REAL problems without anything extra, this is your class! Contact us today to get started!


What should I look for in a self-defense class?


Let's face it, there's lots of crap out there. Unrealistic garbage being sold as genuine solutions, and charlatans pretending that the real world works just like the movies. Here are some reasons why our self-defense class works!

Will it work under stress? A good self-defense program should allow for the fact that self-defense situations are scary!

Our gross-motor techniques are simple, effective, and don't rely on your pinkie finger being placed just so, in exactly the right position. This way, you can still use our material when you're hopped-up on adrenaline!

Will it work outside of the gym? The real world is often slippery, rocky, uneven; it can be very bright or very dark; sometimes it has tight, confined, spaces. We teach you how to use the environment to your advantage and how to respond to a threat, day or night, inside or outside, whether you're standing, sitting, on the ground, or in a car, stairwell, or elevator.

What if there are multiple attackers? What if they have weapons? Real-world fights are almost never fair. Once you've got a handle on the basics of moving, striking, and grabbing, we increase the pressure by giving you tools to overcome the advantages that an attacker has by bringing weapons or friends.

Will it give me actionable solutions? Every self-defense scenario is different, and requires different solutions. It's important to stay safe, ethical, and in the bounds of the law!! We provide solutions all along the continuum of force, so you can apply an appropriate level of response in any situation. It's important to have many tools in our toolbox, because if all we have is a hammer... we don't want to treat every problem like it's a nail!

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