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Chung Do Kwan TaeKwon-Do

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Chung Do Kwan means the "Blue Wave School" and was founded in 1944 by Grandmaster Won Kuk Lee. The logo, seen to the left, incorporates a fist holding a scroll of knowledge and is indicative of a blend of scholarly virtue and fighting skill. It is a distinct blend of Chinese kung-fu, Japanese karate, and native Korean Martial Arts. Following the Second World War, when Korea needed something to rally behind, the Chung Do Kwan was one of several incorporated into a new, national, Martial Art.

TaeKwon-Do means "Hand Foot Way." It is characterized by a mix of hard, direct, kicks, punches, and other techniques. As a name, "TaeKwon-Do" is fairly young; the term being adapted to describe unified Korean Martial Arts in 1955. Modern Olympic TaeKwon-Do is rightly famous for its high, flying, kicks. But, while the name is relatively recent, Traditional TaeKwon-Do has old roots. Direct precursors to TaeKwon-Do, the Korean Martial Arts of Soobak and Taek Kyon, can be traced and documented back for several thousand years. Paintings found in Korean caves clearly show men engaged in unarmed combat extremely similar to Soobak and Taek Kyon, and date to at least 50 BCE.

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Master Benjamin R. Thompson

Benjamin Thompson is a V-Dan Black Belt, a certified Master Instructor through the United States Kido Federation (USKF), and manages daily instruction of all skill levels at The Open Space Martial Arts.

Master Thompson has been involved in the Martial Arts for over 30 years, the last 25+ of which have been spent primarily training in Chung Do Kwan TaeKwon-Do under Grandmaster Jeffrey Helaney (IX-Dan), and Sensei Roy Tittle. Mr. Thompson has also spent time studying several styles of Kung Fu, T'ai Chi Ch'uan, Iaido, Goshin-Ryu Karate, and Hapkido; and has picked up some Jiujitsu, Judo, Poekoelan, and tactical self-defense.


Master Thompson came up through the award-winning Kick Drugs Out of Alliance program, earning his black belt at 16, and beginning to teach at 18. He was a volunteer instructor through the KDOA program until its closing in 2022. He has been recognized locally and nationally as a tournament competitor, having held state and national ranking through the Professional Karate Commission, and competed in the Disney Open Tournament circuit, the PKRA, and the USKF series. He is also a member of the 2013 class of the USKF Black Belt Hall of Fame for Instructor of the Year, of the 2018 class for Senior Instructor of the Year, and of the 2023 class for Master Instructor of the Year.

Assistant Instructor Karen Alex


Ms. Alex is a I-Dan Black Belt, having trained at the Alliance Chung Do Kwan TaeKwon-Do Club (ACTC), under Grandmaster Jeffrey Helaney. After taking a hiatus from the martial arts, Ms. Alex has joined The Open Space Martial Arts to further her training, pass on what she has learned, and to remind Master Thompson what Traditional TaeKwon-Do training should be! She currently has her sights set on II-Dan!

Ms. Alex was inducted into the USKF Black Belt Hall of Fame on Oct. 24, 2020, as the Assistant Instructor of the Year!

Q: Why do you keep practicing Martial Arts?
A: Self-defense got me in. But then I found it was so much more than kicking and punching. The Tenets and the Student Oath are the basis of training and give me something to strive for. Physical fitness is an added benefit. I also have to be sure my teenage son doesn't pass me up!

Assistant Instructor Logan Alex

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Mr. Alex is a I-Dan Black Belt, trained in Chung Do Kwan TKD through the award-winning Kick Drugs Out of Alliance program and The Open Space Martial Arts, as well as having a I-Dan through the International Taekwondo Federation. In addition to continuing his empty-hand training, Mr. Alex has started adding weapons into his martial arts repertoire!

Mr. Alex graduated from High School Cum Laude in 2022, is on track for a management position at his work, and is saving up to buy a house! 

Q: Why do you keep practicing Martial Arts?
A: Since I began, I have become more confident, a better leader, and a better teacher; all key aspects of my job. Martial arts also means I move better and am much stronger than when I started! It keeps helping me improve!

Assistant Instructor C. Cole


Mr. Cole began his TaeKwon-Do training at the Kick Drugs Out of Alliance program, and is the youngest student to receive a I-Dan in its 20+ year history! After coming to The Open Space, Mr. Cole continues to pursue higher and higher levels of skill!

In addition to martial arts, Mr. Cole is a well-rounded young man; being a musician, Scout, and team-sport athlete! Renaissance man! 

Q: Why do you keep practicing Martial Arts?
A: To keep my morals straight and my head up high!


The United States Kido Federation

The United States Kido Federation (USKF) is an organization devoted to promoting the quality instruction of traditional Korean Martial Arts.

The Open Space Martial Arts is proud to be a USKF Charter School! By spreading knowledge and enabling students to reach a wide base of expert instructors across the country, everyone benefits.

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