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Make your kid BULLY-PROOF!

Don't misunderstand; Traditional TaeKwon-Do isn't about beating people up. It's about never needing to!

Bullies are an unpleasant reality. In a perfect world, you would never need to worry about them. Until then, we can help keep your child from being the target!

Here's the thing about bullies: they need an "in." They need some gap in your kids' psychological armor to wiggle through. They need to find some insecurity to latch onto.

We help close up those gaps!

Bully: "I'm gonna hurt you!"
Your kid: "Ms. Alex and Mr. Cole are tougher than you, and I train with them! You don
't scare me!"

Bully: "You don't have any friends!"
Your kid: "Oh really? How about all these people I train with twice a week? The ones who help me get better and want me to succeed... Try again!"

Bully: "You're out of shape!"
Your kid: "Yeah? I just broke a new board in class last week!
 You're gonna have to do better than that!"

Bully: "You don't BELONG here!"
Your kid: "Where you are? Heck no! I belong with my friends at The Open Space! You can go pound sand!"

Your kid gets real confidence, and you get peace of mind!

  Kids' TaeKwon-Do  

Set your kids up for success in life by giving them the TOOLS they NEED!

Growing up is hard. Reinforcing good habits, building a strong brain-body connection, and navigating social interactions are all skills to learn, and Traditional TaeKwon-Do can help!

In class, your child will build discipline and focus, learn how to set personal goals and how to work in a group, and build stronger bodies and more resilient brains.

Class Times:

Kids age 5-7: Mondays and Wednesdays, 5:00-5:25pm

Kids age 8-12: Mondays and Wednesdays, 5:30-6:20pm

Classes at:

1312 S. Main St.

N. Canton, OH 44720


Kids are smart. They know when an adult isn't being totally honest about their ability. That's why giving out trophies for showing up doesn't work! It may feel good in the moment, but kids know they can't back it up!

REAL self-esteem comes from learning to set goals and overcome obstacles to achieve them. That's the kind that lasts. That's the kind that doesn't crumble the first time things gets hard.

Progressing through our belt ranks gives them this practice. They see the goal of getting a new belt, and then they have to learn how to break it down into steps, identify what they need to do to reach that goal, and then they have to put in the work to get there!


What will my kid learn?

Traditional TaeKwon-Do is a complete art.

That means your child will learn:

     *How to live with morals and ethics
     *Social skills and how to interact with people.
     *Self-regulation and focus

     *Physical control
     *How to lead efficiently

     *How to follow gracefully

And, of course, how to
     *Block effectively
     *Strike with hands, feet, knees, and elbows
     *Fall safely
     *Throw hard
     *Defend themselves!

So set your kid up for success by reaching out to get more information today!

Parents, is your kid between 4 and 7? Are they a little nervous about trying something new all by themselves? Do you want a chance to learn with your child?


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