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  T'ai Chi Ch'uan  


"T'ai Chi is often called 'meditation in motion' but it might as well be called 'medication in motion.' "
-Harvard Health Publications

T'ai Chi Ch'uan is a traditional martial art that has been practiced for centuries to improve health and wellness; decrease stress, mental fatigue, and tension; AND build strength, flexibility, and grace.

It can be practiced by people of any age or fitness level due to its gentle, relaxed, movements. Built on the same principles as Traditional Chinese Medicine methods like acupuncture or Tui Na theraputic massage, T'ai Chi is phenomenal for staying healthy or rehabilitating after a setback.

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Class Times:

Tuesdays, 5:00-5:50pm, ages 13+

Classes held at:

1312 S. Main St.
N. Canton, OH 44720

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Gentle Exercise!

T'ai Chi is a phenomenal way to add activity and exercise to your day without pounding away at your joints or winding up sore afterwards! A core tenet of Yang-family T'ai Chi, which is what we practice at The Open Space, is that it should be effortless and flowing. There are no sharp movements, and breathing stays smooth and regular.

T'ai Chi practice has been linked to lower blood pressure, preventing falls, and minimizing symptoms of arthritis. 

The process of learning this graceful, centered, way of moving gently works your muscles to improve strength, flexibility, and balance, but it's so gradual and gentle that you won't be aching the next day!

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Moving Meditation!

Mindfulness and easy, regular, diaphragmatic, breathing have been shown to have huge benefits for improving mental health.

The slow, deliberate, movements help ground you in the present moment, and the awareness of deliberate practice cultivates mindfulness. This, in turn, can lower anxiety, stress, and depression, leading to better sleep, focus, and memory.

The gentle, calming, pace of class is a wonderful contrast to the fast rush of modern life, and makes for a lovely break! It lets us recharge our minds and bodies in a way we instinctively crave!

So use the "Contact Us" form right there and save your spot in class!

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