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1. Put the middle of your belt right on your middle.


2. Bring both sides around to the back.


3. Switch hands, and cross the belt in the back.

Notice that the left side of my belt is on the bottom of the "X". It doesn't matter which is on the bottom when you tie your belt, just remember that I'm using my left.


4. Whichever side is on the bottom of the "X" (my left), tuck it up underneath, so it sits between the first layer and your body. Leave the "tail" hanging out the bottom.


5. Continue tucking around to the front.


6. Stop when the "tail" is just past your belly-button.

Start to bring the other end around on top of the first layer.


7. Stop when the top layer is just past your belly-button going the other direction.


If you look, you should see three layers of belt, sandwiched one on top of the other.


See the three layers?



8. The "tail" that came around on top? Tuck it up underneath both other layers.

This holds everything together so it doesn't separate.


9. Pull it all the way through, so one end comes out to the top and the other comes out to the bottom.

See how the one on the right is closer to my face than the one on the left?


10. The end that is on the top, closest to your face, goes over the other one.

See how, when they cross, there's a hole between that cross and my body?


11. That top-side end, the one that went over the bottom one in the last step... poke it up through the hole.

Make sure it wraps around that bottom end once.


12. Switch hands, and pull the knot snug.

See how the ends come out to either side? That's a correct knot. If the ends come out top/bottom, you went "bottom over top" in step 10. Go back and switch it.


13. Grab the ends of the belt and give your wrists a quick "flick" to get that knot good and tight! 

Don't want it falling off during practice!

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